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As tens of thousands of Americans take to the streets to counter-protest and show up white supremacy in the wake of Charlottesville, one group of those raising their voices did so with a little help from Ludacris. Or, specifically, from Luda's biggest hit, which totally works as a protest anthem after making one little adjustment. #MoveTrump ✊🏾 A post shared by @ludacris on Aug 19, 2017 at 10:31pm PDT   On August 19, thousands of people hoisting signs condemning the alt-right and Trump participated in an anti-hate march in Atlanta. A whole street echoed with the cries of "MOVE, TRUMP!/GET OUT THE WAY," a small enough tweak to the Fear Factor host's 2001 smash, "Move Bitch," that personalized it for the occasion. As you can see, Luda approved their message and their creative spin on his song. The chorus remains catchy as hell, and it seems like Atlanta agrees.

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Watch Video: After one person killed at white nationalist rally in Virginia, Trump blames 'many sides'

Video of driving through crowd of protesters in #Charlottesville pic.twitter.com/dckPhX3fxf — Severin Jahn (@severin_jahn) August 12, 2017 At least one person was killed after a car sped into a crowd of people who were protesting a white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, Va., on Saturday.... An event marred by brawls that ended with the governor declaring a state of emergency. “I am heartbroken that a life has been lost here,” Charlottesville Mayor Mike Signer said in a tweet. “I urge all people of good will — go home.” At least 19 others were reported injured in the car crash. The Associated Press reported the driver was in police custody. A vehicle hit a group of protesters Saturday afternoon as many rally participants and anti-racism protesters were leaving the area. Footage from separate witnesses showed a gray sports car with Ohio license plates speeding toward a crowd from at least a block away and then slamming into the back of two vehicles that were surrounded by people, sending bodies flying.   Another video after the attack #Charlottesville pic.twitter.com/PWbbcKXR9I — Severin Jahn (@severin_jahn) August 12, 2017

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