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Listen: Mobb Deep – ‘Greatness’ (Unreleased)

Mobb Deep is forever. This is exactly what DJ Absolut wants us to remember as he digs in the crates for “Greatness.” Absolut gave us an exclusive Mobb song “What You Think” shortly after Prodigy’s passing. “Greatness” is a part of Absolut’s “#DJAbsolutMixtapeMonday” series. It sounds like the Mobb Deep that we’re all used to; grimey and gutter. It’s a very braggadocious track in every sense of the word (“you couldn’t see me with Slick Rick’s good eye”). It sounds like it definitely could’ve made the cut on an album around the Infamy era, though I’m not sure when this song was recorded. I love the fact that DJ Absolut is keeping the Mobb Deep name and brand alive. Prodigy may have passed, but “Greatness” is forever. R.I.P. Prodigy.

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