Watch footage of Conor McGregor’s UFC 223 Media Day meltdown and his first court appearance after surrendering to police….

McGregor and several other individuals, including teammate Artem Lobov, crashed the Barclays Center following Thursday’s UFC 223 Media Day, attacking a van full of fighters that were preparing to return to the UFC fighter hotel in Brooklyn, N.Y.

McGregor threw an appliance dolly through a window that injured Michael Chiesa and Ray Borg, causing medical issues that forced them out of their respective UFC 223 bouts. A chair cracked the windshield of the van, and numerous fighters were shook up after nearly being injured in the melee.

New York Police sought McGregor, who surrendered to police Thursday evening, spent the night in police custody, and then appeared before a judge at his arraignment hearing on Friday.

McGregor and his crew caused a ripple effect that blew apart the UFC 223 fight card, forcing three bouts to be canceled before Friday’s weigh-in wreaked havoc on the main event and the main card opener.

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