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4 Things You're Doing Right Now That Are Killing Your iPhone Battery

Your iPhone sometimes seems like it holds a charge up until the very second you need it most. While it's true that most iPhone users find themselves having to charge their devices each day (well worth it, given how much use we get out of them), there are a few steps you can take to prolong your battery power. Here are 4 things you're doing that are killing your iPhone battery.... You Aren't Updating Your Device: You should update your iPhone every time an upgrade becomes available. Many software updates include energy-saving features and, if you're running on old software, your device isn't as efficient as possible. Make sure your phone is charged when you perform updates and try, as tempting as it may be, not to ignore these update requests.  You're Charging Your Phone With Its Case On: Not all iPhone cases trap excessive amounts of heat while charging, but the reality is that some do — instead of guessing whether you have a safe case, it's recommended that you remove your iPhone case prior to every charge. A telltale sign that your case is trapping too much heat, which can affect your battery life? Your phone will be hot to the touch during charge. If this happens to you, immediately remove the case and keep it off while charging your phone.  You Charge Your Battery To 100 Percent When You Store Your Phone: There may be times when you need to store your iPhone for a few days or more — it's important to remember to never charge your battery to 100 percent, which can cause it to lose some of its capacity. It's also recommended that you not store your phone when the battery is fully discharged, which prompts it to fall into a deeply discharged state. The best thing to do? Charge your phone to about 50 percent before storing it, then power it down and place it in an area that's moisture-free and no hotter than 90 degrees F.  You Aren't Enabling Low Battery Mode: When your iPhone battery reaches 20 percent, a prompt will pop up and ask if you want to enable Low Battery Mode. Doing this saves you an incredible amount of battery power and extends the life of your device. Low Battery Mode automatically reduces your screen's brightness, prevents content from being downloaded in certain apps, and ensures your device continues to work efficiently. You can even take matters into your own hands and turn on Low Battery before your phone's battery power dips too far down: go to Settings — Battery and you can tap on Low Battery Mode ahead of time.  

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Video Game Characters Are Getting Too Freakishly Real for Me.....

  It’s easier to mindlessly blast away a room full of video game baddies when they look at you with dead eyes and zombie-like facial expressions. It’s a completely different challenge when they appear to be expressing actual emotions and pain, made all the more believable with this new advanced facial animation tool for the Unreal video game engine. This character doesn’t quite escape the uncanny valley, the term used to describe computer-generated humans that ironically look fake as a result of being so close to photo-realistic. But the way the features on his face are able to flex and move, including how his skin stretches while still being constrained by simulated muscles, would freak me out if I ran into him in a video game. Game over, man, game over!

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