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Natural Beauty, According to Dope’s Breakout Star Kiersey Clemons

At the ripe age of 23, Kiersey Clemons oozes self-confidence with an artfully un-put-together look... And an IDGAF attitude that’s inspiring to anyone who struggles with self-acceptance. “I don’t stress about my appearance,” she says in InStyle’s September issue. “There are bigger things happening in the world.” Here, she offers five tips for living awesomely. 1. WORK YOUR NATURAL FEATURES “I have my dad’s big, sleepy eyes. People always say I have resting bitch face because of the way I stare, but I’ve grown to love the way my eyes look. And they are an important form of expression for acting.” 2. DON’T COMPARE YOURSELF TO OTHERS “I got hips before the rest of my friends and couldn’t share jeans with them. It hurt my feelings so badly. I thought because I weighed more, something was the matter with me. I realize now that our bodies are constantly changing, and there’s nothing wrong with that.” 3. CHOP IT ALL OFF “Hair has always been a big thing for me. If I didn’t pay attention, it would be knotted into one giant dread. Cutting it short felt right. The longer it gets, the more irritating it is.” 4. DRESS FOR YOURSELF AND NO ONE ELSE “I’m the type of person who will Google old red-carpet photos of myself as a reminder to wear only what I feel comfortable in. Find clothes that suit you. It’s like finding a friend—someone who actually likes you.” 5. OWN YOUR BODY HAIR “I originally grew out my underarm hair for a movie role. Once I did it, I realized how much I liked it. At the end of the day, you adapt to change. Some people make a big deal about female body hair, but it is what it is.”    

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